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There are many facets to life. At Parrish Capital we consider your entire financial picture. Managing your own assets to achieve your financial goals can be challenging. Parrish Capital can help you achieve your financial goals by providing high quality advisory services and making smart investment decisions.

Focus on the trajectory of your career and “fueling the engine of your wealth” while we manage your assets to secure the financial future of your family and loved ones.

We build lasting relationships with you by aligning our investment advisory to support and share the priorities of your life.

Our Specialization

Asset Management

Parrish Capital provides full asset management across classes including advisory services and direct investment on your behalf. We manage your assets so that your financial goals for growth stay front and center as we execute your financial plan. Our clients receive personalized service from our advisors delivering comprehensive support.

Portfolio Management

Portfolios managed by Parrish Capital are personally customized to meet your financial objectives and goals. We understand all clients are different and structure custom portfolios designed to target and meet your objectives: growing wealth, preserving wealth, providing an income stream or looking to pass wealth on to future generations. Diversification is the key to a successful portfolio and our investment approach ensures we construct a diverse high-quality portfolio focused purely on your objectives.

Retirement Planning

Whether you retire in 20 years or next year, Parrish Capital can help you establish a plan that will create security for your retirement. We will work with you to determine where you are in your retirement planning cycle and help you refine the big picture that is your retirement.

Our comprehensive advisory delivers a structured retirement plan that includes risk management, tax efficiency and review of insurance needs, educational savings and estate planning.

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