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About Us

Parrish Capital is a registered investment advisor founded in 2014 through the natural progression of the career of founder Theodore “Teddy” L. Parrish, CFA.

Parrish’s experience spans over the last 20 years as Principal, Director of Investments and total client portfolio manager for an independent wealth management firm with approximately $1.65 billion in assets under management as of June 30th, 2014.

As leader of the firm, Parrish drove the firms marketing efforts by sharing his investment prowess with the world through guest analyst appearances on national business television networks.

About Us

Parrish Capital is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm founded by nationally recognized wealth manager Theodore “Teddy” L. Parrish. Teddy was joined by 20-year colleague Ryan W. Moledor as an owner, experienced investment and planning professional when Parrish Capital merged with KRM Capital Management in 2016.

With over 45 plus years of hands on investment and planning experience through many market cycles, Parrish Capital’s mantra “Life is a Portfolio” maintains that every facet of life is an important building block that adds value to one’s overall success. Our aim is to steward clients through the cycles of Life and on to Legacy by intently listening, accessing current situations, and crafting and implementing a strategy for success.

Parrish Capital’s primary focus is on you and your Life goals. While we believe in continuity between your financial plan and investment management, we avoid the cookie cutter approaches that are rampant in today’s environment. We dedicate substantial time to gather the facts, in regard to your personal finances, investment return expectations, and time horizon. We also strive to educate and clarify your understanding of individual risk tolerance which we feel is essential in managing emotions and other behavioral aspects of investing.

You can rest assured that our planning and investment decisions are based on one primary goal: preserving and growing the hard-earned assets that clients have entrusted to our care.

Life is a Portfolio

Comprehensive Wealth Management

As a fee-only wealth management firm, our focus is on you and your financial goals. We are not driven by third-party products or sales commissions. And we have no incentive to make you choose certain investment options.

Cash Flow Management

Develop projections on your current cash flow

Investment Management

Plan your investments to help you achieve your goals

Retirement Planning

Determine the steps needed to achieve your financial independence goals

Education Planning

Create strategies to fund your children's education

Estate Planning

Reviewing your estate plans to ensure appropriate passing of your estate

Why Choose Parrish Capital?

There are many facets to your life. At Parrish Capital, we consider all of them an important part of your financial picture.

Parrish Capital helps you achieve your goals by providing thorough financial planning services and high-quality investment management.

Managing financial assets is inherently complex. But by working closely with each and every client, we help make your goals attainable with our commitment, transparency, and clarity.

Roadmap to success

Our Investment Philosophy

We combat risk that we can control through diversification across asset classes as well as prudent investment selections with the intent of meeting the goals and risk profiles of our clients.


How we Invest

Holding each portfolio position long term with one small business cycle as the base


Where we Invest

High quality companies with B+ or better for Financial Strength and earnings growth plus dividend of at least 12%


proprietary portfolios

Companies meeting our core parameters make up the select group of which we build our  Parrish Core Growth and Parrish Income Portfolios

Full Transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have the ability to manage clients in every state in the United States. We have long-standing relationships with clients in every US time zone. We meet regularly with our clients and are available to meet in person and remotely via Skype, telephone, email, text and more.
Parrish Capital, LLC serves as a Fiduciary on our client’s accounts. This is the highest standard of care in the advisory relationship. We are obligated, both legally and ethically, to do what is in our client’s best interest. Our client’s success directly correlates with our success as a firm.
Parrish Capital, LLC is a fee-only financial advisor. We emphasize complete transparency in every client/advisor relationship, only receiving payment from our clients and not through selling third-party products. Some financial advisory firms are fee based and sell products such as mortgages, insurance, and real estate partnerships.
At its fundamentals, financial planning seeks to ensure that your money lasts longer than you do. We work to ensure that you are set up for the future – whether it be retirement, a college fund, or that next big life event. Parrish Capital works with you to determine your financial goals and priorities and then develop actionable investments strategies to help you attain these goals. We provide full transparency from the initial client meeting throughout all future investments.

For Parrish Capital clients, the annual fee is generally prorated and billed quarterly based upon the market value of the assets being managed by Parrish Capital, LLC on the last day of the quarter. As fee-only advisors, we are compensated only by our clients. We do not receive compensation from any of our managers, our custodians, nor from the investments we make. We do not receive any commissions from transactions.

Absolutely not. We refuse to sell products, and we are not paid by commission. We do not have financial arrangements with any third parties, so we have no incentive to refer you to particular individuals or products

Parrish Capital takes care of all the paperwork involved in moving over existing accounts and tying up loose ends. The custodians we work with can hold a wide variety of investments. Therefore, we are able to review a client’s existing holdings to determine investments that should be retained or sold. During this review process, we pay special attention to tax implications and client preferences about existing investments.

Parrish Capital, LLC is a registered investment advisor and operates completely independently. Our custodian, who holds assets, is Charles Schwab & Co. They provide statements, tax documents, and online access.

Thank you for your interest in Parrish Capital. We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals.