Parrish Capital, LLC is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor based in North Metro Georgia founded by nationally recognized money manager Theodore L. Parrish. We believe in continuity across asset levels and avoid the cookie cutter approaches that are rampant in today’s environment. Our mantra is to deliver above average risk-adjusted returns, through extensive research and market analysis backed by sound investment principles. Achieving risk adjusted returns is at the heart of what we do.

As investment managers, we work with clients to create, develop and implement a long term strategic investment portfolio that enables them to meet their financial goals. We also strive to educate and clarify clients understanding of individual risk tolerance which we feel is essential in managing emotions and other behavioral aspects of investing.

Portfolios are customized for each client based on their personal objectives, values, risk tolerance, and goals. Furthermore, Parrish Capitals process avoids “over-coaching” on your particular financial plan and instead stays laser focused on the most imperative element to reaching your goals- portfolio investment management.

You can rest assured that investment decisions are based on the one primary goal- preserving and growing the hard earned assets that clients have entrusted to our care. We vigilantly honor our sacred fiduciary responsibilities which include: confidentiality, prudence, loyalty, stewardship, impartiality, and discretion.

Our basic tenants when engaging clients is to always be flexible, compassionate, competent, solicitous, proficient, and paramount to all responsive to their individual needs and desires.

Ryan Moledor

Partner and Executive Vice President